Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Have you thought about the air in your home lately?  Are you protecting your family and system properly? Is it clean enough? Is it being filtered thoroughly? 

Many of these questions can be answered by our technicians during a routine maintenance !

There are several options you can do to ensure the healthiest air is running through your home. Douglas Mechanical can provide more information on all these options, give us a call, 860 357 4952  or email today!

Here are some simple suggestions; 

  • Filters should be changed every 3 to 4 months.
  • Be sure to use good, quality MERV( minimum efficiency reporting value) rated filters.
  • Even better consider changing your disposable filter to a larger capacity disposable MERV  filter !
  • Add ultraviolet light in your HVAC air handler and/or warm air furnace to kill microbes as they pass through the system.
  • Add an ERV(exhaust recovery ventilator) or HRV(heat recovery ventilator) to your heating system. 
  • ...and of course remember to have your Heating/AC system  maintained twice a year each!  This ensures the best efficiency and longevity of your system! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Happy Labor Day!

We will be closed Monday September 7, 2019

If you should have an emergency

Please call 860 357 4952, to speak to one of our members our staff on call.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Monday, July 6, 2020

Thursday, July 2, 2020

In observance of  our National Holiday on 

July 4th 

In you should have an emergency , we always have someone on-call. 

Please call 860 357 4952 to speak to someone at our answering services. 

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend! 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Did you know Douglas Mechanical installs and repairs pool heaters? 

How great would be to get in that pool sooner this season? 

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Give Douglas Mechanical a call, we'll get you having fun in the sun in no time! 

860 357 4952 !!


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Monday, April 13, 2020

Don't forget to call, for an AC maintenance!

Here are a few items we will do to insure your system is ready;
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Check batteries and program thermostat
  • Inspect and clean blower cabinet
  • Inspect condensate drainage and pump, don't want to have it all clogged up!
  • Inspect and test motors
  • Inspect, clean and service air cleaner, need to have fresh air to breath!
  • Inspect and adjust drive pulleys/belts
  • Inspect all electrical connections, rodents like to chew and make nests in the outside unit!
  • Lubricate parts as needed, need to keep those parts running smoothly!
  • Check expansion valve coil temperature, need to stay cool during those hot months!
  • Check pressure switch, cut-out setting
  • Test operating pressures
  • Inspect start capacitor and potential relay
  • Visually inspect compressor and duct-work
  • Cycle and check overall operation

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