Thursday, May 31, 2018

Some simple steps to do, as a homeowner, in between professional maintenances 

  • Keep your exterior unit free and clear of any debris by removing any vegetation that may be nearby.
  • Keep your indoor registers unobstructed, so the air can flow freely throughout the home
  • Keep your indoor registers clean and dust free. Pet hair/fur and other household debris can clog up the interior part of the system if it is sucked in.
  • If you have done recent interior renovations, be mindful that dust and debris can also get sucked into the system too.
  • Air filters should be changed, or washed (if it's a reusable, washable filter),  every 30 to 90 days. Make a note on your calendar, put an alert on your smart phone to remember to check you filter regularly. We can provide you the information and the filters to change them yourself. Please call 860 357 4952 information. 
  • Rodents, bugs and other pests can wreak havoc on your indoor system and cause a lot of destruction. Be sure to prevent them  from invading your system and keep them out!

      The benefits of maintaining your system 

  • Better air quality, especially for those that suffer from asthma or other illness
  • Greater efficiency, performance and lower utility bills.
  • Maintains the longevity of your system and keep expensive repair costs down!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

After Storm

After a Storm

  • First and foremost, secure the safety of your family.
  • Do not enter your home unless you’re sure it’s safe. Depending on the type of disaster, there may  be exposed electrical wires, standing water or a natural gas leak. If you have any    concerns about  the structural or environmental safety of your home, do not enter. 
  • Call your local utilities company to report a gas leak, or power outage. 
  • Call Douglas Mechanical if you should have any trouble with your AC and heating system,   860 357 4952. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Have you thought about the air in your home lately?  Are you protecting your family and system properly? Is it clean enough? Is it being filtered thoroughly? 

Many of these questions can be answered by our technicians during a routine maintenance !

There are several options you can do to ensure the healthiest air is running through your home.  . Douglas Mechanical can provide more information on all these options, give us a call, 860 357 4952  or email today!

Here are some simple suggestions; 

  • Filters should be changed every 3 to 4 months.
  • Be sure to use good, quality MERV( minimum efficiency reporting value) rated filters.
  • Even better consider changing your disposable filter to a larger capacity disposable MERV  filter !
  • Add ultraviolet light in your HVAC air handler and/or warm air furnace to kill microbes as they pass through the system.
  • Add an ERV(exhaust recovery ventilator) or HRV(heat recovery ventilator) to your heating system. 
  • ...and of course remember to have your Heating/AC system  maintained twice a year each!  This ensures the best efficiency and longevity of your system