Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Is it time to replace your Air Conditioning System? 

How do you know?

Here are some things to consider if  a replacement is needed:

  • Typical life-span is 15 to 20 years. However, many of us push it longer than that, as long as routine maintenance's are done yearly.  
  • Better efficiency!  Many newer models now offer better energy efficiency, which is very important when your watching your budget!
  • Look at your "SEER" rating, the higher the "SEER" rating the better the efficiency!
  • Do you have "single stage", "two stage" , or variable speed? Single stage is either off or on and tends to be least efficient.  Two stage is the middle ground, it uses high or low and tends to be moderately cost efficient.  Variable speed operates at a lower speed to keep the temperature steady, then uses higher speed when temperatures rise outdoors. Variable speed is the most efficient operating cost. 
  • Lastly; consider your homes location, size and lifestyle, do you like it very cool and comfortable at all times?   Your HVAC system is measured by tonnage, the more tonnage the more powerful your system is to keep you comfortable. Tonnage and SEER rating are all factored in together to determine efficiency and operating costs.
So what to do if  your considering a change-out? 
  • Check the seasonable energy efficiency rating "SEER" , www.ac-heatingconnect.com  . 
  • Go to www.energizect.com , for low interest loan and rebate information.  This is great site to go to and determine what you can afford, what loans are available, and what rebates are available to consumers if you upgrade more efficient equipment!
  • Call Douglas Mechanical Services, 860 357 4952 ! We can offer you a free, valuable consultation to determine what is available to you in in upgrades! 


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