Wednesday, August 1, 2018

4 Natural Ways to Lower Humidity at Home
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  1. Take shorter showers. Long showers can cause moisture to build up in your bathroom and surrounding rooms. By shortening the length of showers you can reduce some of the moisture build-up inside your home.
  2. Cover the soil on house plants. If you have a lot of house plants inside your home you may want to cover the soil. You can use a layer of rocks to help keep the moisture in the soil. This will stop the moisture from leaving the soil and entering your home's air.
  3. Ventilate. Good ventilation can do wonders when there is an excess of moisture in your home. Consider adding a fan that ducts to the outdoors in your kitchen and bathroom. You can also open the window when taking showers.

  4. Use bowls of kitty litter or calcium chlorideWhen you place bowls of kitty litter or calcium chloride around your home it can help to draw the moisture out of your home's air and absorb it. You just need to be sure to replace it every couple of weeks.
If you have attempted to lower the humidity in your home naturally and the humidity levels in your home are still high, a dehumidifier can help. Dehumidifiers work to draw the moisture out of the air, balancing the humidity levels in your home, leaving it feeling more comfortable.


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