Monday, October 8, 2018

" Remember these or maybe you still have one or two still on the wall ? " 

Maybe it's time to consider and upgrade! A wireless , aka. WIFI thrmostat, is a home automation device to help regulate the homes temperature. Some of the options a WIFI thermostat are;
  • Programable "smart thermostats", to control  the temperature when your home or not.
  • Can be controlled thru your smart phone
  • Can detect when your close to home with-in 3 miles, turn up the heat or cool off the home. This is called "geo-fencing".
  • Envirionmentally friendly, no more mercury being used. Go to to learn little about the historyof heating systems.  
  • Saves you MONEY!!!!   Smart thermostats can save up to $180 per year on heating and cooling .